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I graduated from the Hungarian University of Fine Arts as a sculptor (2018). My professor was Zoltán Karmó. I studied in the faculty of sculpture in the Secondary School of Visual Arts (2007-2012). I won third place in the XV. National modeling competition at Pécs (2012). I work with stone and steel mostly. Besides sculpture, I also create paintings, digital artworks and 3D prints. Every year I attend the artist colony in Zalaszentgrót, where I carving stone statues. I was awarded the Török Richárd Sculptor Memorial Foundation with my “Globe” diploma work. I participated in the XXIII. - International Fine Arts Colony - (Lindart) where I made a public artwork in Lendava (Slovenia), representing the Hungarian University of Fine Arts. The “Globe II.” steel artwork was installed near the Lendava Cultural Center.

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